July 26, 2011

13 Months

  • is running everywhere, but has not mastered the art of watching where he's going.
  • loves swimming, but not underwater.
  • loves giving kisses, but only the open-mouthed kind.
  • can show you where his belly button is, and tell you what a doggie says.
  • likes to dance along with the Silly Songs on VeggieTales.
  • is a true explorer
  • hasn't had a bottle in 3 weeks. Gave it up cold turkey.
  • will bring you a book when he's sleepy.
  • can point at what he wants, if he knows what he wants.
  • can throw an epic tantrum.
  • still has no teeth.
  • survived two 2-day car trips to and from PA without throwing a fit once.
  • have to follow Cade around everywhere, since he can reach objects on tables/shelves, the oven knobs, and in cabinets.
  • am on the receiving end of most of the above-mentioned open-mouth kisses.
  • try to take at least 1 picture of Caden per day.
  • would love a float trip, haircut, and date night.
  • have been scouring the internet for ideas.
  • have not spent a single weekend at home all summer.
  • are being overrun by weeds in our front yard.
  • are amazingly blessed, as always.

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