September 14, 2011

New Products I'm Drooling Over

With the addition of our new peanut, I've been calculating how many new cloth diapers we'll need to purchase. Just as I was browsing the site for my very favorite baby company, Cotton Babies, the fabulous Jenn, the supermom who created the bumGenius, Econobum, and Flip brand cloth diapers, announced the launch of new products!
First, is the new Freetime AIO. I absolutely loved the AIOs we bought before Caden was born, and was sad that they were discontinued. But these Freetime diapers look even better! Instead of having to buy different sized diapers, these adjust to fit growing kiddos, and there are now two attached inserts that adjust to provide a custom fit and absorbency. Since these lovelies come in snap closure, 2 AM changes will be a piece of cake!

There's also a solution for potty training mamas! The Flip Training Pants are an amazing hybrid of the fabulous Flip diaper, now with adjustable, snap-down sides, and inserts that stay put with hook-and-loop. I can't wait for Cade to potty train so that I can buy these!

As if that wasn't enough, there are new colors and prints to choose from as well! Be sure to check out their website to see how adorable they are. And for STL mamas, head over to their store and chat with the amazing ladies who work there!