June 7, 2008

Hello, World

Hi, everyone! I'm Erin, and this is the start of a beautiful friendship. This is my blog. It won't be much to look at, but this is my little life in a great big world.

I'll get into more about me later, but I just got married to the perfect guy on April 5th, turned 22 years old on April 28th, and graduated with my Bachelor's Degree on May 10th, 2008. If all that wasn't enough to make me crazy, I must have just been crazy before.

Our wedding was perfect. I had the best time, with my best friends, and we had the best photographer. There's a link to his blog on the left, you can see his awesomeness. The best part was my new in-laws, who had been teasing us all during the planning that they were sending us to Branson, MO for our honeymoon. Instead, they sent us to Hawaii! We had an amazing time, and as soon as I get all 700+ photos uploaded, I'll share them with you.

Later, loves!