May 7, 2010

33 Weeks

So I've officially been a stay-at-home mom for a week now, and I have been trying my best to stay busy, so I don't get really tired and lazy. Last week, I actually got to clean our house, which was something I have been dying to do since we moved in! Unfortunately, I was on a deadline, since Michael invited some of our friends and family over for my birthday, and to see our almost-finished nursery. Not gonna lie, I got a little frustrated, and had my first pregnancy meltdown. But after some quiet time and a long talk with my mom, I decided that it couldn't be important what everyone else thought about how the house looked, and even though I quit before the house was completely clean, I felt SO much better.

I'm having a harder time not letting my nerves get the best of me lately. Not having my mom close is really hard for the both of us, but not having any close friends around is the worst! My saving grace has been that Mike and I have been spending more time together, working on the nursery. I'm excited that we have finally been able to get some furniture into the nursery, but I want to finish everything on my list! I'm getting most nervous that we will not have a car seat, and that our baby boy will be early! God has really been working on my patience and control issues!

I'm really excited to take our childbirth classes later this month. I know Mike will probably be super bored, but I am really interested to lear what I'm in for! I'm not a very good patient, so I want to know as much as I can so that I can be prepared. I really love my doctors, so I know they will take such good care of me.

We're super busy for the next few weeks: going home to see my family, baby showers, and getting everything ready for Baby Wells. I'm sure I won't be ready, no matter how much stuff we have, but it would sure make me feel better!