August 1, 2011

The Mice (and Weeds) Must Die

We have what I like to call a "critter problem" at our house. I'm cool with critters, not a fan, but we can coexist, just NOT. in. my. house. First it was the raccoons fighting (I hope) in the attic. The hubs fixed that by nailing the windows shut on each end of the room, and closing the "ventilation" gap between the roof and walls on our janky, super-old house. I do not care about ventilation, I do not want critters.

Now, we have a mouse. Which means we have MICE. This mouse is particularly brave, running around during the day. We have traps, baited with peanut butter. We bought the  fancy electronics that are supposed to emit high-pitched, mouse-repelling noise, and ones that are supposed to vibrate the walls so mice go away. This mouse must be deaf, and not in the wall.

So, as with all things that stump me, I have turned to the internet for inspiration. I was amazed that the most popular suggestion was to get a cat. I do not enjoy cats once they exit the cute kitten stage, they serve no purpose. Also, there is a fluffy, white cat that sits in our yard all day long (I have named him Satan), and yet, we still have mice. Therefore, I deemed that suggestion unhelpful, and kept looking.

Apparently, I have two options: kill the mice or repel them. My immediate response is obviously KILL KILL KILL, but I do not want dead mice in my walls, or wherever they have chosen to crawl into and die. That would require finding and then touching a dead mouse. Not happening. So repel them I shall. The hubs and I are heading to the nearest grocery store to try the mouse repellent this evening, so I will let you know tomorrow how it goes.

We also have a "weed problem" at our house. I say that because we now have a dandelion BUSH on our front yard that is taller than me. Once again, I found several options to make my own weed killer. My favorite was pouring boiling water on the weeds, to basically cook the weeds in the ground. But the hubs thought that would not work as well as just pulling the weeds. He does not enjoy the same killer instinct as me. But since he has volunteered to pull the weeds for me, I will go with his method. For now.

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