August 12, 2011

Me: A to Z

A. age :: twenty.five
B. bed size :: queen
C. chore you hate :: vaccuuming
D. dogs :: Titus and Brutus
E. essential start to your day :: french vanilla cappuccino
F. favorite color :: red, peach, yellow and turquoise
G. gold or silver :: silver
H. height :: five.foot.two (almost)

I. instruments you play :: piano and clarinet
J. job title :: wife, mama, writer/blogger, crafter
K. kids :: Caden and our new little peanut!
L. live :: St. Louis, Missouri
M. maiden name :: McFarlen
N. nicknames :: Mac, Missy, E
O. overnight hospital stays :: two
P. pet peeve :: mean people, open-mouth chewers, selfish drivers

Q. quote ::
"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot 
R. righty or lefty :: righty
S. siblings :: one older brother, two sisters
T. time you wake up :: Whenever Cade wakes up, usually 7:30 am
U. university attended :: Southeast MO State University
V. vegetables you dislike: collard greens (that's a veggie, right?)
W. what makes you run late :: my sweet baby, my hair
X. x-rays you’ve had :: dentist, wrists, tailbone
Y. yummy food :: chinese food, "fresh-mex", pasta
Z. zoo animal favorite :: puffins, baby elephants, giraffes

xoxo have a lovely day friends!

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