October 27, 2010

I Can Totally Make That! - Christmas Edition

The hubs and I decided to get creative this year, and make as many of our Christmas presents as possible. While on the hunt for inspiration, I turned to my favorite blogs and my FAVE site ever, Etsy. Here are a few of the projects I'm working on making, rather than buying:

Are these yarn wreaths not perfect? I can't wait to finish about a million of these. They are SO easy to make!

I have recently been on a sock monkey-making kick, but I also suffer from an unfortunate lack of extra socks. There will be a trip to Goodwill soon, so help me! And yes, that is a sock pig. Too cute!

These pillowcases are a cute way to use up the leftover odds-and-ends from other projects, no?

I have been itching to take down the door to Caden's nursery, since it gets in the way more often than not. Maybe if I show Michael this pic, he'll finally let me do it, since it will give him a project.

5 collanders+old chandelier from thrift store+lighting kit for extra parts= super cute chandelier!

I can't wait to finish this super-easy shelf for a certain sister-in-law's new apartment!

Ok, so there's no way that I could ever have the talent (or the patience) to make this gorgeous rug. But, since these are muy expensivo, which means that making one is the only way I will ever own one.

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