November 12, 2010

5 Months

Dear Baby,

You are five months old today! You have changed so much in such a short time! You are learning to like Tummy Time a little more now, especially if there's a mirror for you to stare into. Don't worry, I will continue to encourage your baby vanity. You are starting to show interest in your toys, but would still much rather play with Mommy. Mommy likes that.

You have fallen in LUV with Daddy this past month. When Daddy comes home from work, and you see him for the first time, your face just lights up. It makes me SOOO happy that you are so excited to see Daddy. I know it won't be long before you and Daddy will be out in the backyard playing together. Your very favorite time to play with Daddy is on Saturday mornings, before he gets out of bed.

You are learning to tolerate your Bumbo, but you are much more of a "stand-up" kind of guy. Daddy and I think you'll probably take your first step before you start to crawl, but I'm sure you'll prove us wrong, as usual. You have almost conquered the front-to-back rollover, and can roll from your back to your side. You are now officially an exclusively cloth-diapered baby!

Your biggest accomplishments this month are eating and sleeping. We started trying baby food, and you LOVE fruit, and you're learning to like carrots (as long as they're warm) and sweet potatoes, but so far you do not like green beans or peas. We'll keep trying, though, because I think you'll be a green bean fan. You've also been sleeping like a champ this month. We have been slowly transitioning out of the swaddle, and so far, it's helping. You've also been sleeping in your own room for a week now, and have been sleeping all night long for the whole week!

Did you know that you have superpowers? Because it's true. You have the ability to defeat the gloomy monster with your smile. You can make the worst, crankiest day all better just by smiling. Daddy and Mommy can't wait to see all the things you do this month. We love you, Stinky Face.

Love, Mommy

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