April 5, 2011

Hubby Love ;)

Look at this man (or, just his nose). He has done lots of crazy things for me in the 6 years I've known him, like driving 2 hours one-way just to sleep on a lumpy futon in my dorm every weekend for a year. He drove 3 hours and got a flat tire, just to ask my dad if he could marry me.

Then he made me hike across across the Trail of Tears State Park in flip flops, just so he could propose to me in front of the most beautiful view.

He married me, with tears in his eyes. He wiped my tears when our "friends" didn't show, and put on his best fake smile, even when he just wanted to take off his tie and play some frisbee.

He bought me Flamin' Hot Cheetos in Hawaii. Pretty much every day.

He sat through weddings and funerals where I had to sing. He protected me from getting trampled on at a Rascal Flatts concert, stood in the mud at AgapeFest, and sits patiently with a book while I get my hair done. He gets me chocolate covered strawberries every year for my birthday.

He gave me this sweet angel. He got up every night to give him a bottle, so I could sleep. He emptied the Diaper Genie. He tells me I'm beautiful and not fat.

He wears his son. In public.
He works hard, every day, so that I can stay home with our little. He catches mice with his bare hands (or feet). He lets me watch Ugly Betty and PS I Love You. He holds my hand and loves me. He's my penguin.

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