January 10, 2011

Little Changes

I have never been big on making "resolutions," since no one ever keeps them past January. Instead, every year I make a list of smaller, more attainable goals than "be less fat," or "fix up the yard." I was inspired by Annalea's commitment to make one small change each month, so I'm basically ripping off her idea.

My small change this month is no. more. soda. The mister and I decided before the little was born, that he would not be allowed to drink soda. And what kinda parents would we be if we didn't set the example? So, in an effort to also save a little moola, we will be drinking only water, juice, and tea. I might also sneak in a cup of cappuccino here or there, since the mister let be splurge on a can this weekend at the store. I'm such a spoiled momma ;)

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