December 11, 2010

6 Months

Dear Sweet Boy,

Six. Months. Old. Happy Half-Birthday Stinky Face!! You have changed SOOO much in just the last month!

You have had a MAJOR growth spurt, pretty much skipping the entire 3-6 month size in your clothes. You have been eating your baby food and cereal like it's your job, and have gained 5 pounds! We packed up all the clothes you've outgrown this past week, and that box is way bigger than the box of clothes that are still too big. Yay for shopping!
You've been sleeping in your room for a whole month now, and are sleeping like a champ! You've been sleeping for 12 hours a night, giving Momma plenty of rest. THANKS!!

You're rolling over all the time now, too. You've figured out how to roll over all the way, so you just keep rolling until you hit the wall. You are thisclose to crawling, but for now you have mastered scooting backwards. Momma and Daddy will have to put up the baby gates before next month! You are loving your toys now, especially Tigger, and all of your books. You are sitting up all by yourself now, you just need a little help balancing sometimes, and you love to stand in the Exersaucer that Grandma gave you. You love to stand in it and watch hockey with Daddy. You're even taking a few steps, as long as you have help. You scooted around Grandma's house in your walker for a whole week!

Our first Christmas is in a few weeks, and Momma is more excited that I know you will be. I know you'll be more interested in the bows and boxes than the presents, and that's ok. Momma asked for a new camera for Christmas so we can get better pictures of you. You love to lay under the Christmas tree and stare up at the lights, and chew on Momma's stuffed reindeer, Rhonda and Rodney. I know it will be so much fun!

We can't wait to see what you do this month, sweet boy. You are amazing.


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