August 25, 2010

What's In My Bag? - 2 Month Old

Lots of girls have been asking me what I carry in my diaper bag, since I'm the freak who cloth diapers my kid. Sooooo, I thought I'd share with everyone, since I haven't posted in a while!

First, I have to apologize for my current bag, which is cute, but is coated in shiny plastic. I got it at one of my baby showers, and since it was the only one that wasn't blue, that's the one I use. I have recently decided that since it is the only bag I'm going to be lugging around for the forseeable future (I gave up my purse for the purpose of having a free hand to carry my child), I am going to invest in a cute bag that I absolutely LUV.

The first few weeks after Caden was born were super crazy, and we had to travel a LOT, so I carried around a ton of extra crap that I have since removed. On the positive side, I think it helped me get over the pain of my incision, since I had to carry around 20 extra pounds of baby stuff. But now, here's what I carry:

For Baby:
  1. BumGenius diapers (at least 2), including extra liners
  2. Wet bag, which may consist of a Wal-Mart or Ziploc bag if I forget my fancy one
  3. Wipes
  4. Burp Cloths (2)
  5. Onesies/Sleepers (at least 2)
  6. Teething Tablets
  7. Infant's Ibuprofen
  8. Gas Drops
  9. Nasal Aspirator (AKA "The Booger Ball")
  10. Baby Lotion
  11. Toys
  12. Nursing Pads
  13. Nursing Cover
  14. Nursing Shields
For Mama:
  1. Wallet
  2. Keys
  3. Phone
I think I'm getting the short end of the stick. What's in your bag? Any suggestions for my new bag?

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